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VFX Artist

Visual Effects is in my blood. I have spent a fair amount of my professional life involved with visual effects for many productions.

Being a Visual Effects Supervisor means to supervise all of the computer generated effects for a particular production. Depending on the size of the show it can mean supervising a few people and shots to hundreds of shots and dozens of artists. I love this kind of work, and am always on the lookout for that next great project.

A Visual Effects On-Set Supervisor is a little more focused than the Visual Effects Supervisor role. The On-Set Supervisor is available for the day-to-day shooting schedule of a production, and is charged with ensuring each shot is filmed in a way that the visual effects will be successful.

As a Visual Effects Artist, I have also completed hundreds of shots doing things like compositing, rotoscoping, wire removal, matchmoving, and other things. I really enjoy this work as well, and am always available to talk about helping out a production or studio as needed.

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Grimm was a television show on NBC from 2011-2017. For the show I did a couple jobs: the first was being the VFX On-Set Supervisor, the second was a VFX Artist mainly handling plate clean-up tasks. Watch the trailer.

wildboarWild Boar

Barney Burman's directorial debut, Wild Boar is a film about a group of friends stumbling into a horror filled world. I was the VFX Supervisor and handled a lot of the shots as a VFX Artist, too. Watch the trailer.

eveprologueEVE: The Prologue

Eve appears out of nowhere on a playground in this short film by filmmaker Devin Tau. I was the VFX Supervisor and a VFX Artist on the show. As well I created the titles and edited the opening title sequence. Watch the film. Watch the trailer.

marsattacksPrevious Films

While working at Warner Bros. I worked on many films. Contact, Mars Attacks!, Batman & Robin, Batman Forever, Eraser, Selena, My Fellow Americans, and many more. Most of my work at the studio was as the Post Production Manager.

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