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Previsualization is a filmmaking technique to "visualize before" significant time, effort, and resources are spent on a scene, shot, or show. There are many ways to do "previz" and it largely depends on what issues the filmmakers are trying to work out and problem solve.

In its essence, previz is a communication tool to ensure all people working on the project are on the same page. To me the best previz is not intended to be final animation, or have an overly stylized look. Generally the issues are meant to determine rough camera moves, general scene blocking, shooting choreography, and so on.

For the Grimm television show I did a previz as a proof of concept. Unfortunately it never saw the light of day, but I think it gives a nice idea of the types of previz available.

The animation style used on the characters is called "step animation", and is designed to just hit the major blocking changes and illustrate any important story beats.

Let me know if you have any questions, or if you would like to chat about using previz on your project.

The video is also on Vimeo here.

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