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These projects highlight some ongoing and completed projects I have worked on. Every creative endeavor requires its own voice and plan, and part of the fun of it all for me is determining not only what to do but how to do it. Each of these projects represent a different direction in many regards, though they all have a lot in common, too.



A passion and a service, let's talk about your photography needs today!


To The Stars Film

Working with filmmaker Erin Toft, together we are bringing her story "To The Stars" to life as an animated short.


Visual Effects Films

Visual Effects is in my blood. Most of my professional life has been spent on movie and television projects, and a lot of that has dealt with Visual Effects in various capacities.


Animation Films

From an early age I've loved animated movies and comics. In fact when I was in fourth grade I wrote that I wanted to write comics when I was older. I've worked at the world's biggest animation studios, check out the films I've worked on.



Previz is a great technique for quickly figuring out complicated shots, sets, or situations. Check out this previz to get an idea of what it can do.



I've been writing since an early age, and decided to create an Instagram page to share some of my poetry and prose.



Part of my writing bug, I created this Instagram page to share positive quotes and thoughts.


Humans of Grimm Poster

The television show needed a keepsake for the cast & crew, so I created a movie poster with over 330 people on it.


FileMaker Pro Development

Over the years I've created many FileMaker Pro databases to capture and share data.


Software Development

Creating digital art often times means creating digital tools. I've written many tools over the years.


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